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Our Tea Brands

Duncans Darjeeling Tea

For the unique flavor of 109% Darjeeling tea Warm the teapot with hot water. Take one teaspoon of tea for every cup along with one for the pot. Then pour some freshly boiled water and brew for three to five minutes. Finally, add milk and sugar to give it that lasting taste.

Double Diamond Green Tea

Duncans Double Diamond high grown organic Green Tea is Rich in Anti Oxidants which keeps you Healthy and Refreshes you with every sip. Recommended to be consumed without milk.

Double Diamond Gold Tea

A premium CTC leaf Tea, Double Diamond Gold, is enriched with pure Assam teas. Enjoy the warm rich flavor of finest Assam teas along with the natural strength of Double Diamond.

Double Diamond

A premium CTC leaf brand, Double Diamond represents strength — that of character, achievement and elegance. Just a spoonful of this tea brew a rejuvenating cup, where strong flavor and aroma co-exist in fine proportion.

Kings Cup

Retrieved from the archives at Duncans Tea Ltd is the "Kings Cup" blend that was specially packed for the Royal families of South India. This blend has a perfect balance of colour, flavor and strong liquor from robust Assam teas. This Royal blend leaves a pleasant lingering flavor on the palate, sip after sip, giving "The taste of life".

Gold Cup Coffee

Presenting the finest blend of pure coffee from the hills of Coorg. Blended and processed at Coorg itself Gold Cup Coffee is a unique blend of strength and flavor.

Pikup Coffee

Unique blend of fine Robusta beans with chicory give the strong full bodied cup of Pikup Coffee. If you like strong coffee which comes from down south, Pikup is your cup.