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  • ChaiSeShuru - How a Cup of Tea Forms the First Step Towards a Wedding

    Tea is an integral part of Indian culture. As such, it is hardly a surprise that many important tasks start with tea. From housewarming parties to weddings – serving tea is a necessity at any social event. Almost every homeowner makes it a point to stock up on tea, be it through a brick and mortar store, or an online tea store in India. Not only that, there is a belief among many Indians that starting something new after having tea can lead to better results. Honestly, after going through the list of benefits that tea can provide, we see no reason to argue with them. Continue reading

  • 4 Great Ways to Start Your Winter Mornings with Tea

    Winter is here and it is time to warm up with a good cup of tea, every morning. Not only will it feel satisfying, but will also give you plenty of nutrients to help you start your day the right way. Don’t want to drink tea the same old way, every day? Check out 4 recipes given below, to spice up your winter mornings. Continue reading

  • Darjeeling tea garden

    Darjeeling’s best tea estate. If you are thinking Darjeeling tea, you may think about the stunning vistas and winding hilltops of Darjeeling that has attracted scores of tourists for decades and is part of the list of places that you must pay a visit. Sprawling and lush, green and tranquil, tea estates in Darjeeling have been around for a good 150 years. Tea was first introduced in this Himalayan city by 19th century British. Since then, Darjeeling tea gardens have become world famous with Darjeeling tea being patented as a unique product of this region. Continue reading

  • Tips to choose the best green tea

    For most Indians, tea is all about the milky blends that bursts with richness and color. However, there is a new kid on the block that is revolutionizing the tea pallet forever. The delicate and clear brews of green tea, is changing the way we like our drinks. Not everyone is well informed about this brand of beverage, but the availability of green tea online has remarkably changed the way we buy our brews. Continue reading

  • Things to keep handy while making tea on the go

    We all love drinking tea during the year across most of the world. You can sip in the famous aromatic Darjeeling tea or a flavorful cup of green tea. The taste of ordering green tea bags online is fast catching up among the patrons of this amazing beverage. Continue reading

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