Darjeeling Tea

Buy Darjeeling Tea Online From the Premium Source

Tea is a beverage that most people can’t imagine giving up. It is the first thing you want when you get up. The importance of good quality tea can’t be undermined. When you consume fresh and premium tea, it simply sets the mood for your day. Just a cup of good tea in the morning is all you need to rejuvenate your senses and prepare yourself for the day. 

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There are different types of teas available in the market but choosing the right one is important. Darjeeling tea is one of the best teas that you can buy to delight not just your taste buds but also your senses. You can now buy Darjeeling tea online from the comfort of your home. 

At Duncans tea, we offer premium quality tea along with a great buying experience that will keep you coming back for more. The tea buying experience from our webpage will be absolutely memorable right from exploring our website till the time our tea reaches your doorstep. 

Buy Darjeeling Tea Online For a Healthy and Refreshing Start of the Day

It has never been easier to order Darjeeling tea online. Our tea parcels are carefully packed and delivered to you for consumption. You need not step out and hunt for local tea shops and stores. If you are bored of consuming regular tea, it’s time to take a sip of our refreshing teas directly sourced from tea estates. This ensures the quality of the tea. Our tea offers pure taste and flavours that you would not miss for anything! 

And guess what, you get premium tea at unmatched prices from our webpage. There can be nothing great than getting to sip your favourite tea every morning without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Buy Darjeeling tea online in India from Duncans, and there will be no looking back for you. 

Buy Darjeeling Tea Online India for Fresh and Organic Variety

One of the best things about our brand is that we offer quality assurance. You will find only the best types of teas online. We make sure that our buyers get to buy Darjeeling tea in great flavour and variety. We take pride in the fact that we happen to be the tea specialist wherein our forte is Darjeeling teas only. 

When you order Darjeeling tea, you get fresh tea that belongs to recent lots and not older ones. We understand the significance of the freshness of tea and how it impacts the quality and flavour. This is one aspect that we never overlook and ignore. 

Once we receive an order for our Darjeeling tea, we make sure that the parcel is packed with utmost care so that the freshness of the tea is preserved at least for a year from the date of manufacturing. 

Why You Should Order Darjeeling Tea from Duncans

There are many reasons you must buy Darjeeling tea for your consumption. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • The Darjeeling tea from our tea boutique is pure, fresh, and organic. 
  • You receive a quick response from our team when you make a query.
  • You get to buy Darjeeling tea online in India shipped directly from Darjeeling.
  • You can benefit from free shipping for all orders across India. 
  • You can also get free consultation and suggestions on buying the best Darjeeling teas from us. 
  • Our premium quality tea is cost-effective. 
  • You can make the payment online via safe and secure payment gateways. You can remain assured about the privacy of your details. 

Buy Darjeeling Tea And Drink It The Right Way

The Darjeeling tea not only has amazing flavours but is also a storehouse of health benefits. It is a type of Black tea produced in India. Darjeeling tea has an alluring aroma and bronze/golden colour based on the way it is brewed. The tea experts say it has citrus fruit, flowers, and vegetal quality flavours. The tea tastes sweeter and less bitter than other types of black tea. 

  • Store the leaves properly

The tea leaves are sensitive to the outdoor environment and must be stored carefully. The longer you keep them out in the unprotected environment, the more their taste deteriorates. You must store it in an airtight aluminium container for retaining natural aroma and flavours.

  • Don’t use tap water

Use only soft water for making Darjeeling tea. Tap water will spoil the authentic taste, texture, and flavours of Darjeeling tea. You can use packed or purified RO drinking water. 

  • Avoid using sugar and milk

For getting the actual taste of Darjeeling tea, you must have it without sugar and milk. However, you can add a few drops of lemon for complementing the taste of the tea. 

  • Use right equipment

You need the proper equipment to brew the Darjeeling tea and get the most out of its flavour. It is recommended to use China porcelain pots for steeping Darjeeling tea. 

  • Infuse tea leaves in hot water

You must properly infuse the leaves with hot water. Don’t use metallic-infusion balls as they will distort the original taste. 

If you wish to buy Darjeeling tea online, explore our webpage and grab your hands on the best quality tea. With the online availability of Darjeeling tea, you no more need to look for tea elsewhere. Duncans is here to meet your tea needs with our premium tea collection. The variety will spoil you for choices!


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